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Restoring health care to what it should be. By managing all the details of your surgery, we pull back the curtain on high surgical costs. Dealing directly with our exclusive provider network, we are transparent in our pricing and bundle all costs into one simple all-inclusive payment.

Transparency      Integrity      Excellence

Case Studies

Coba Health contracts with surgeons and facilities across the US to build “bundled rates” which typically save 30-50% off of traditional network charges

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Our Plan

Saving companies money is our Mission. Our growing network of providers are carefully selected based on quality.

Transparency     Integrity     Excellence

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Patient Experience

Patients have choices. We provide an all-inclusive experience that makes surgery as pleasant as possible.

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Case Studies

Coba Health contracts with over 1,000 facilities and surgeons in 46 states and is continually expanding this offering to provide convenient options to our members



Bundled case rates cover all medical costs incurred for elective surgeries, including but not limited to: surgeon fees, facility costs, anesthesia, inpatient medication, implants, inpatient physical therapy, and charges for other ancillary services rendered within this timeframe. These rates are pre-negotiated and rolled into one all-inclusive payment.




Step 1: Meet Your Case Manager
Each patient will be treated on an individual basis. We know that each patient’s needs are different and our trained Case Manager will work with you to accommodate your individual needs and desires. Working with you, they will help determine how to best fulfill your individual situation. The Case Manager will help coordinate your care, obtain medical records and history, and guide you through the process, helping to customize your experience on a personal level. This is true concierge care, assuring that your experience will be just the way you want it to be.

Step 2: Meet With Your Surgeon
Every surgeon on our panel is Board Certified in their respective specialty. This is unique to our program and ensures the highest level of quality care. You may review our panel of surgeons and choose which physician best suits your needs. Once chosen, your physician will review your medical records, history, and x-rays and schedule a conference with you to get to know you better. Only after you are comfortable with your physician will we schedule your surgery. arranging for all pre-operative and post-operative care.

Step 3: The Surgery & Post Surgery Stay
Once you have arrived at your chosen surgical facility, your Surgeon will spend time with you, answering your questions and helping you feel at ease. You will tour the facility, meet the hospital staff, and then your surgeon will perform your surgery. You will generally stay anytime between several hours and a couple days depending what surgery you have received and your recovery assessment.

Step 4: Care After Surgery
Upon discharge from the surgical facility, you will return home or to your hotel. We can help arrange home healthcare and, or physical therapy after your surgery as needed. You will have post-op appointments with your surgeon as needed. You will continue to have access to your surgeon regarding any necessary follow-up.


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We focus on what matters most to our clients and their employees.
Sure, our plan can save you money, lots of it. But the transparency, simplicity, and all inclusive approach we provide means that after surgery and recovery, your employees will be happy. Happy with us and happy with you. We take care of your greatest asset — your loyal, healthy, happy employees.

Transparency      Integrity      Excellence